About our technology

  • AI Powered Voice Search
  • Deep Video Content
  • Cross Platform

Whatismymovie.com is a descriptive movie search engine that was originally created as a showcase for Arctic15, Helsinki in 5/2015. Its purpose is to present a new way of searching video content, using movies and TV as the chosen approach. Descriptive movie search is based on our research on what is called “Deep Content”. Deep Content is everything we can see and hear in a video, but cannot mechanically analyze – until now. Deep Content includes transcripts, audio, visual patterns and basically any form of data feed that describes the video content itself. After analyzing the deeper levels of the video, we automatically convert it into advanced metadata. This metadata is then processed by the beating heart of our engine: a cognitive machine learning system that understands natural language queries and matches it with our metadata.

Whatismymovie.com, created by Valossa, is currently hosting a library of 40 000 titles, including English language movies ranging from the most recent all the way back to 1900. Due to the rapid nature of its release the demo case of Whatismymovie.com is still very much under development and our researchers are constantly improving its search performance.

The engine has been proven with KuukkeliTV (a service discontinued in 2017), a scene-level video search for Finnish TV and a showcase of multimedia retrieval research at the University of Oulu. Valossa is a video recognition and AI spin-off company of the University of Oulu.

Patent pending.

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