About whatismymovie.com

Whatismymovie.com is a showcase of the technology of Valossa, which is a spin-off company of the University of Oulu, Finland. We aspire to create a new, descriptive way of searching video content. Our technology understands the contents of video files itself. Ranging from text to pattern recognition, we reach down into data that has not been searchable in the past.

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Description of Research

Whatismymovie.com has been developed by the tech team of Valossa that has its roots in the Computer Science and Engineering research conducted at the University of Oulu. We have an extensive research background on automatic content recognition and video data analysis. The demonstrations on this site have been developed for research purposes and Proof of Concept for the industry. Deep Content technology has also been piloted with the broadcasters for TV content.

We have analysed more than 130,000 movies for the demonstration. Deep Content means digital multimedia content data that is not being indexed by traditional search engines.

Deep Content technology can be used to discover and recommend semantically related content from large video collections. The IP for new algorithms and services has been developed in a project funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation (Tekes) and is owned by Valossa. There are options to commercialise the technology to the industry.